Exclusive Insights: Facilitation of Industrial Space for Hapadzic Trucking

NAI Fortis represented both the landlord and tenant in a lease for industrial space in the Louisville Industrial Center. The owner of the LIC, Clarion Partners, represented by Mark Wardlaw, was able to accommodate local operation, Hapadzic Trucking, represented by Matt Miller. Hapadzic is a family-owned trucking company that saw its operation grow substantially over the last two years. Needing more industrial space to grow their operation, the LIC was able to provide what they needed as well as introduce them to several other tenants that would be beneficial to their business.

With its convenient location, spacious layout, and accommodating atmosphere, the LIC became the ideal space for the family-owned trucking company to further establish and grow its operations.

As Hapadzic Trucking settled into their new space at the LIC, they found room to expand their operations and discovered a community of like-minded businesses. The community of other tenants opens up opportunities for networking, partnerships, and shared resources, creating a dynamic environment that can benefit their business in more ways than one.

Submitted by Matt Miller

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