From Half to Whole: This Tenant’s Expansion Story at Wright Tower

Launch Capital Partners, a private equity firm that invests in multi-family markets expanded their office space in Wright Tower for a second time. Their initial lease began in August of 2022, operating on half of a floor.

Their company has been growing quickly and needed to expand in March of 2023 and again in August. Now occupying the entire 9th Floor, Launch has become an asset to Wright Tower.


The expansion of Launch Capital Partners is a testament to their success in the multi-family markets and their commitment to growth. Their decision to stay in Wright Tower also speaks to the quality of the building and the amenities it offers. With a prime location in the heart of the city and state-of-the-art facilities, Wright Tower is the perfect place for businesses to thrive.

Launch Capital Partners’ presence in the building has also brought new energy to the community, attracting other like-minded businesses and contributing to the overall success of the area. As Launch continues to grow and expand, Wright Tower is proud to be their home base and looks forward to seeing all that they will achieve in the years to come.

Submitted by Matt Miller

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